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    1. Cylindrical lithium
    2. Polymer lithium
    3. LiFePO4
    4. Ni-MH
    5. Ni-CD


    1. Lighting
    2. Digital devices
    3. Energy storage
    4. Power tools
    5. Medical beauty

    Shenzhen Kamcy New Energy Co.,Ltd is a high tech enterprise that focus on high quality lithium battery research,development,production and marketing.It was founded in 2002,with three basements locates in Shenzhen,Hubei,and Jiangxi.We have more 10000 square meters production workshop,500 staffs, Among them 20% are professional technicians. Our daily output of lithium battery is 300K units.


  • Advanced production equipment

    电玩棋牌游戏平台 A new polarity automatic production line of bureau of industry leading level, using high-quality raw materials and advanced formula, the company has a professional quality supervision team, operating system detection system and the science of advanced, high quality, excellent qualified rate of the battery group to give full play to superior performance

  • Professional technical team

    The company has strong strength, and the R & D team consists of senior lithium battery experts and electrochemical engineers The first-class battery R & D and production equipment, professional and technical personnel and college degree accounted for 20% of the total Professional, dedicated and specialized in battery technology!

  • Strict quality control

    Strictly abide by the ISO9100Z quality management system, the quality of the battery is stable, safe and reliable, Successively passed KC, UL, CE, MSDS, UN38.3, SGS, CB and other international certification, Be in the leading position in the same industry

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